Thursday, 29 September 2016

And Just Like That I've Been Framed

Well, I put it off for months, closer to a year actually, I didn't want to jump on the wagon with all of the other crafters out there but I framed my first sign last week.
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A friend of mine, who's local, just so happens to be completely full for her wood signs for Christmas so she sent her cousin to me for a sign. I received a quote and a photo. First the quote came "If you think our hands are full you should see our hearts" I just so happened to have three files with this quote and figured "yep, I can do that." But then she sent "I was thinking of this style that Jessica does..." with this photo...
Photo from Wilde Wood Revivals on Facebook
And my sign making days were forever changed. I made the lady her sign. And I love it. I loved it so much that I haven't stopped framing signs since. I'm addicted. I love them. I always told my husband that I liked them because to me they give that "complete" image. But I didn't want to fall victim to the latest trend. I love this sign, here is the lovely sign that I made the lady...
Available on our website
After I made this sign, I was so proud of my accomplishment that I kept on going. After I was done admiring this sign I made another, a little different, but I totally fell in love with the look of my "Love Grows Here" sign that I had to make another. I wasn't sure what to do. I had a gorgeous piece of wood and wanted it to look the same as the Love sign, but I didn't know what to put on it. Then it just came to me. I designed both of these signs on a "feeling" that the piece gave me, or at least that I wanted it to give me.
"Love grows here" available on our website
Carpe Diem Sign available on our website
Pretty signs right? I love them, I know that not everyone will share my taste, and that's fine. I custom to best suit the needs of my customers but for the craft sale that I'm preparing for I try to mix it up. A little of my taste, a little of things that aren't so appealing to me. I just cross my fingers and hope that other people will like my creations. Every purchase, whether it's one of our signs, glass block lights that were really popular last Christmas or even the socks that seem to be taking off this year, every single purchase helps my family survive and for that I'm eternally grateful and I will continue to do what I can to make pretty works of art for those out there willing and able to love them also. And hey, the giveaways are fun too!!

I have made a couple of framed signs for the Christmas sale that's coming up in December. For more information on that event you can check our "Where to Buy" page. At the bottom is where we list the sales we'll be attending. Well, I better get back to creating. :) Have a wonderful night everyone! Take care. And thank you for reading my ramblings :)
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