Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Online Boxing Week Sale Continues

In case you missed our latest newsletter about our Boxing Week Sale you can find it HERE. And if you'd like to sign up for our "Sales and Specials" Newsletters please do so by filling out this form. We would love to ad you to the list and send you information about our sales, specials, and new products that we're offering. It's a great way to stay informed.

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Here are some great items we have for sale 25-50% off this week....
Socks will be 25% off... $11.25 per pair
Wood signs will 50% off... prices vary
Nightlights will be 25% off.... $7.50 each
Glass Block Lights will be 50% off.... $15 or $20 each
Cutting Boards will be 25% off.... $7.50 each
Lazy Susans will be 50% off.... $7.50 each
Earrings will be 25% off.... $3.75 each
All cardstock will be $0.10 per sheet
All sticker sheets will be $1
Cardstock pads will be $5
Hole punches $5
Washi, fabric, paper and ribbon tapes $1
Tshirts $10
Color Me Ts $15
There is just so much to list.... please stop the webstore to take advantage of this awesome sale!!!

I need to get back to listing more items :) Come check out the hundreds of items that we have in stock on our website :)

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